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Title Building Parallel Monolingual Gan Chinese Dialects Corpus
Authors Fan Xu, Mingwen Wang and Maoxi Li
Abstract Automatic language identification of an input sentence or a text written in similar languages, varieties or dialects is an important task in natural language processing. In this paper, we propose a scheme to represent Gan (Jiangxi province of China) Chinese dialects. In particular, it is a two-level and fine-grained representation using Chinese character, Chinese Pinyin and Chinese audio forms. Guided by the scheme, we manually annotate a Gan Chinese Dialects Corpus (GCDC) including 131.5 hours and 310 documents with 6 different genres, containing news, official document, story, prose, poet, letter and speech, from 19 different Gan regions. In addition, the preliminary evaluation on 2-way, 7-way and 20-way sentence-level Gan Chinese Dialects Identification (GCDI) justifies the appropriateness of the scheme to Gan Chinese dialects analysis and the usefulness of our manually annotated GCDC.
Topics Language Identification, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Lr Infrastructures And Architectures
Full paper Building Parallel Monolingual Gan Chinese Dialects Corpus
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