Summary of the paper

Title Content-Based Conflict of Interest Detection on Wikipedia
Authors Udochukwu Orizu and Yulan He
Abstract Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. On Wikipedia, Conflict-of-Interest (CoI) editing happens when an editor uses Wikipedia to advance their interests or relationships. This includes paid editing done by organisations for public relations purposes, etc. CoI detection is highly subjective and though closely related to vandalism and bias detection, it is a more difficult problem. In this paper, we frame CoI detection as a binary classification problem and explore various features which can be used to train supervised classifiers for CoI detection on Wikipedia articles. Our experimental results show that the best F-measure achieved is 0.67 by training SVM from a combination of features including stylometric, bias and emotion features. As we are not certain that our non-CoI set does not contain any CoI articles, we have also explored the use of one-class classification for CoI detection. The results show that using stylometric features outperforms other types of features or a combination of them and gives an F-measure of 0.63. Also, while binary classifiers give higher recall values (0.81~0.94), one-class classifier attains higher precision values (0.69~0.74).
Topics Document Classification, Text Categorisation, Text Mining, Emotion Recognition/Generation
Full paper Content-Based Conflict of Interest Detection on Wikipedia
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