Summary of the paper

Title Candidate Ranking for Maintenance of an Online Dictionary
Authors Claire Broad, Helen Langone and David Guy Brizan
Abstract Traditionally, the process whereby a lexicographer identifies a lexical item to add to a dictionary -- a database of lexical items -- has been time-consuming and subjective. In the modern age of online dictionaries, all queries for lexical entries not currently in the database are indistinguishable from a larger list of misspellings, meaning that potential new or trending entries can get lost easily. In this project, we develop a system that uses machine learning techniques to assign these ``misspells'' a probability of being a novel or missing entry, incorporating signals from orthography, usage by trusted online sources, and dictionary query patterns.
Topics Evaluation Methodologies, Web Services, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Candidate Ranking for Maintenance of an Online Dictionary
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