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Title Building a Web-Scale Dependency-Parsed Corpus from CommonCrawl
Authors Alexander Panchenko, Eugen Ruppert, Stefano Faralli, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Chris Biemann
Abstract We present DepCC, the largest-to-date linguistically analyzed corpus in English including 365 million documents, composed of 252 billion tokens and 7.5 billion of named entity occurrences in 14.3 billion sentences from a web-scale crawl of the Common Crawl project. The sentences are processed with a dependency parser and with a named entity tagger and contain provenance information, enabling various applications ranging from training syntax-based word embeddings to open information extraction and question answering. We built an index of all sentences and their linguistic meta-data enabling quick search across the corpus. We demonstrate the utility of this corpus on the verb similarity task by showing that a distributional model trained on our corpus yields better results than models trained on smaller corpora, like Wikipedia. This distributional model outperforms the state of art models of verb similarity trained on smaller corpora on the SimVerb3500 dataset.
Topics Other, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Semantics
Full paper Building a Web-Scale Dependency-Parsed Corpus from CommonCrawl
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