Summary of the paper

Title JAIST Annotated Corpus of Free Conversation
Authors Kiyoaki Shirai and Tomotaka Fukuoka
Abstract This paper introduces an annotated corpus of free conversations in Japanese. It is manually annotated with two kinds of linguistic information: dialog act and sympathy. First, each utterance in the free conversation is annotated with its dialog act, which is chosen from a coarse-grained set consisting of nine dialog act labels. Cohen's kappa of the dialog act annotation between two annotators was 0.636. Second, each utterance is judged whether the speaker expresses his/her sympathy or antipathy toward the other participant or the current topic in the conversation. Cohen's kappa of sympathy tagging was 0.27, indicating the difficulty of the sympathy identification task. As a result, the corpus consists of 92,031 utterances in 97 dialogs. Our corpus is the first annotated corpus of Japanese free conversations that is publicly available.
Topics Document Classification, Text Categorisation, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Dialogue
Full paper JAIST Annotated Corpus of Free Conversation
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