Summary of the paper

Title Acquiring Verb Classes Through Bottom-Up Semantic Verb Clustering
Authors Olga Majewska, Diana McCarthy, Ivan Vulić and Anna Korhonen
Abstract In this paper, we present the first analysis of bottom-up manual semantic clustering of verbs in three languages, English, Polish and Croatian. Verb classes including syntactic and semantic information have been shown to support many NLP tasks by allowing abstraction from individual words and thereby alleviating data sparseness. The availability of such classifications is however still non-existent or limited in most languages. While a range of automatic verb classification approaches have been proposed, high-quality resources and gold standards are needed for evaluation and to improve the performance of NLP systems. We investigate whether semantic verb classes in three different languages can be reliably obtained from native speakers without linguistics training. The analysis of inter-annotator agreement shows an encouraging degree of overlap in the classifications produced for each language individually, as well as across all three languages. Comparative examination of the resultant classifications provides interesting insights into cross-linguistic semantic commonalities and patterns of ambiguity.
Topics Validation Of Lrs, Multilinguality, Semantics
Full paper Acquiring Verb Classes Through Bottom-Up Semantic Verb Clustering
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