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Title Analyzing Middle High German Syntax with RDF and SPARQL
Authors Christian Chiarcos, Benjamin Kosmehl, Christian Fäth and Maria Sukhareva
Abstract The paper presents technological foundations for an empirical study of Middle High German (MHG) syntax. We aim to analyze the diachronic changes of MHG syntax on the example of direct and indirect object alterations in the middle field. In the absence of syntactically annotated corpora, we provide a rule-based shallow parser and an enrichment pipeline with the purpose of quantitative evaluation of a qualitative hypothesis. % It discusses how quantitative evaluation of qualitative methods can be used to open up a new prospective on a well-studied phenomenon. We provide a publicaly available enrichment and annotation pipeline grounded. A technologically innovative aspect is the application of CoNLL-RDF and SPARQL Update for parsing.
Topics Parsing, Semantic Web, Grammar And Syntax
Full paper Analyzing Middle High German Syntax with RDF and SPARQL
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