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Title English-Basque Statistical and Neural Machine Translation
Authors Inigo Jauregi Unanue, Lierni Garmendia Arratibel, Ehsan Zare Borzeshi and Massimo Piccardi
Abstract Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has attracted increasing attention in the recent years. However, it tends to require very large training corpora which could prove problematic for languages with low resources. For this reason, Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) continues to be a popular approach for low-resource language pairs. In this work, we address English-Basque translation and compare the performance of three contemporary statistical and neural machine translation systems: OpenNMT, Moses SMT and Google Translate. For evaluation, we employ an open-domain and an IT-domain corpora from the WMT16 resources for machine translation. In addition, we release a small dataset (Berriak) of 500 highly-accurate English-Basque translations of complex sentences useful for a thorough testing of the translation systems.
Topics Statistical And Machine Learning Methods, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Machine Translation, Speechtospeech Translation
Full paper English-Basque Statistical and Neural Machine Translation
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