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Title Terminology Resources and Terminology Work Benefit from Cloud Services
Authors Tatiana Gornostay and andrejs Vasiļjevs
Abstract This paper presents the concept of the innovative platform TaaS “Terminology as a Service”. TaaS brings the benefits of cloud services to the user, in order to foster the creation of terminology resources and to maintain their up-to-datedness by integrating automated data extraction and user-supported clean-up of raw terminological data and sharing user-validated terminology. The platform is based on cutting-edge technologies, provides single-access-point terminology services, and facilitates the establishment of emerging trends beyond conventional praxis and static models in terminology work. A cloud-based, user-oriented, collaborative, portable, interoperable, and multilingual platform offers such terminology services as terminology project creation and sharing, data collection for translation lookup, user document upload and management, terminology extraction customisation and execution, raw terminological data management, validated terminological data export and reuse, and other terminology services.
Topics Collaborative Resource Construction, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper Terminology Resources and Terminology Work Benefit from Cloud Services
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