Summary of the paper

Title Thematic Cohesion: Measuring Terms Discriminatory Power Toward Themes
Authors Clément De Groc, Xavier Tannier and Claude De Loupy
Abstract We present a new measure of thematic cohesion. This measure associates each term with a weight representing its discriminatory power toward a theme, this theme being itself expressed by a list of terms (a thematic lexicon). This thematic cohesion criterion can be used in many applications, such as query expansion, computer-assisted translation, or iterative construction of domain-specific lexicons and corpora. The measure is computed in two steps. First, a set of documents related to the terms is gathered from the Web by querying a Web search engine. Then, we produce an oriented co-occurrence graph, where vertices are the terms and edges represent the fact that two terms co-occur in a document. This graph can be interpreted as a recommendation graph, where two terms occurring in a same document means that they recommend each other. This leads to using a random walk algorithm that assigns a global importance value to each vertex of the graph. After observing the impact of various parameters on those importance values, we evaluate their correlation with retrieval effectiveness.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper Thematic Cohesion: Measuring Terms Discriminatory Power Toward Themes
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