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Title Taalportaal: an Online Grammar of Dutch and Frisian
Authors Frank Landsbergen, Carole Tiberius and Roderik Dernison
Abstract In this paper, we present the Taalportaal project. Taalportaal will create an online portal containing an exhaustive and fully searchable electronic reference of Dutch and Frisian phonology, morphology and syntax. Its content will be in English. The main aim of the project is to serve the scientific community by organizing, integrating and completing the grammatical knowledge of both languages, and to make this data accessible in an innovative way. The project is carried out by a consortium of four universities and research institutions. Content is generated in two ways: (1) by a group of authors who, starting from existing grammatical resources, write text directly in XML, and (2) by integrating the full Syntax of Dutch into the portal, after an automatic conversion from Word to XML. We discuss the project’s workflow, content creation and management, the actual web application, and the way in which we plan to enrich the portal’s content, such as by crosslinking between topics and linking to external resources.
Topics LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Taalportaal: an Online Grammar of Dutch and Frisian
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