Summary of the paper

Title Developing a Framework for Describing Relations among Language Resources
Authors Penny Labropoulou, Christopher Cieri and Maria Gavrilidou
Abstract In this paper, we study relations holding between language resources as implemented in activities concerned with their documentation. We envision the term “language resources” with an inclusive definition covering datasets (corpora, lexica, ontologies, grammars, etc.), tools (including web services, workflows, platforms etc.), related publications and documentation, specifications and guidelines. However, the scope of the paper is limited to relations holding for datasets and tools. The study fosuses on the META-SHARE infrastructure and the Linguistic Data Consortium and takes into account the ISOcat DCR relations. Based on this study, we propose a taxonomy of relations, discuss their semantics and provide specifications for their use in order to cater for semantic interoperability. Issues of granularity, redundancy in codification, naming conventions and semantics of the relations are presented.
Topics LR Infrastructures and Architectures
Full paper Developing a Framework for Describing Relations among Language Resources
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