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Title ELRA's Consolidated Services for the HLT Community
Authors Victoria Arranz, Khalid Choukri, Valérie Mapelli and Hélène Mazo
Abstract This paper emphasises on ELRA’s contribution to the HLT field thanks to the consolidation of its services since LREC 2012. Among the most recent contributions is the establishment of the International Standard Language Resource Number (ISLRN), with the creation and exploitation of an associated web portal to enable the procurement of unique identifiers for Language Resources. Interoperability, consolidation and synchronization remain also a strong focus in ELRA’s cataloguing work, in particular with ELRA’s involvement in the META-SHARE project, whose platform is to become ELRA’s next instrument of sharing LRs. Since last LREC, ELRA has continued its action to offer free LRs to the research community. Cooperation is another watchword within ELRA’s activities on multiple aspects: 1) at the legal level, ELRA is supporting the EC in identifying the gaps to be fulfilled to reach harmonized copyright regulations for the HLT community in Europe; 2) at the production level, ELRA is participating in several international projects, in the field of LR production and evaluation of technologies; 3) at the communication level, ELRA has organised the NLP12 meeting with the aim of boosting co-operation and strengthening the bridges between various communities.
Topics LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues
Full paper ELRA's Consolidated Services for the HLT Community
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