Summary of the paper

Title Ruled-based, Interlingual Motivated Mapping of plWordNet onto SUMO Ontology
Authors Paweł Kędzia and Maciej Piasecki
Abstract In this paper we study a rule-based approach to mapping plWordNet onto SUMO Upper Ontology on the basis of the already existing mappings: plWordNet -- the Princeton WordNet -- SUMO. Information acquired from the inter-lingual relations between plWordNet and Princeton WordNet and the relations between Princeton WordNet and SUMO ontology are used in the proposed rules. Several mapping rules together with the matching examples are presented. The automated mapping results were evaluated in two steps, (i) we automatically checked formal correctness of the mappings for the pairs of plWordNet synset and SUMO concept, (ii) a subset of 160 mapping examples was manually checked by two+one linguists. We analyzed types of the mapping errors and their causes. The proposed rules expressed very high precision, especially when the errors in the resources are taken into account. Because both wordnets were constructed independently and as a result the obtained rules are not trivial and they reveal the differences between both wordnets and both languages.
Topics Linked Data, Ontologies
Full paper Ruled-based, Interlingual Motivated Mapping of plWordNet onto SUMO Ontology
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