Summary of the paper

Title Relation Inference in Lexical Networks ... with Refinements
Authors Manel Zarrouk and Mathieu Lafourcade
Abstract Improving lexical network’s quality is an important issue in the creation process of these language resources. This can be done by automatically inferring new relations from already existing ones with the purpose of (1) densifying the relations to cover the eventual lack of information and (2) detecting errors. In this paper, we devise such an approach applied to the JeuxDeMots lexical network, which is a freely available lexical and semantic resource for French. We first present the principles behind the lexical network construction with crowdsourcing and games with a purpose and illustrated them with JeuxDeMots (JDM). Then, we present the outline of an elicitation engine based on an inference engine using schemes like deduction, induction and abduction which will be referenced and briefly presented and we will especially highlight the new scheme (Relation Inference Scheme with Refinements) added to our system. An experiment showing the relevance of this scheme is then presented.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Other
Full paper Relation Inference in Lexical Networks ... with Refinements
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