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Title Encompassing a Spectrum of LT Users in the CLARIN-DK Infrastructure
Authors Lina Henriksen, Dorte Haltrup Hansen, Bente Maegaard, Bolette Sandford Pedersen and Claus Povlsen
Abstract CLARIN-DK is a platform with language resources constituting the Danish part of the European infrastructure CLARIN ERIC. Unlike some other language based infrastructures CLARIN-DK is not solely a repository for upload and storage of data, but also a platform of web services permitting the user to process data in various ways. This involves considerable complications in relation to workflow requirements. The CLARIN-DK interface must guide the user to perform the necessary steps of a workflow; even when the user is inexperienced and perhaps has an unclear conception of the requested results. This paper describes a user driven approach to creating a user interface specification for CLARIN-DK. We indicate how different user profiles determined different crucial interface design options. We also describe some use cases established in order to give illustrative examples of how the platform may facilitate research.
Topics Usability, User Satisfaction
Full paper Encompassing a Spectrum of LT Users in the CLARIN-DK Infrastructure
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