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Title Quality Estimation for Synthetic Parallel Data Generation
Authors Raphael Rubino, Antonio Toral, Nikola Ljubešić and Gema Ramírez-Sánchez
Abstract This paper presents a novel approach for parallel data generation using machine translation and quality estimation. Our study focuses on pivot-based machine translation from English to Croatian through Slovene. We generate an English―Croatian version of the Europarl parallel corpus based on the English―Slovene Europarl corpus and the Apertium rule-based translation system for Slovene―Croatian. These experiments are to be considered as a first step towards the generation of reliable synthetic parallel data for under-resourced languages. We first collect small amounts of aligned parallel data for the Slovene―Croatian language pair in order to build a quality estimation system for sentence-level Translation Edit Rate (TER) estimation. We then infer TER scores on automatically translated Slovene to Croatian sentences and use the best translations to build an English―Croatian statistical MT system. We show significant improvement in terms of automatic metrics obtained on two test sets using our approach compared to a random selection of synthetic parallel data.
Topics Multilinguality, Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
Full paper Quality Estimation for Synthetic Parallel Data Generation
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