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Title Synergy of Nederlab and @PhilosTEI: Diachronic and Multilingual Text-induced Corpus Clean-up
Authors Martin Reynaert
Abstract In two concurrent projects in the Netherlands we are further developing TICCL or Text-Induced Corpus Clean-up. In project Nederlab TICCL is set to work on diachronic Dutch text. To this end it has been equipped with the largest diachronic lexicon and a historical name list developed at the Institute for Dutch Lexicology or INL. In project @PhilosTEI TICCL will be set to work on a fair range of European languages. We present a new implementation in C++ of the system which has been tailored to be easily adaptable to different languages. We further revisit prior work on diachronic Portuguese in which it was compared to VARD2 which had been manually adapted to Portuguese. This tested the new mechanisms for ranking correction candidates we have devised. We then move to evaluating the new TICCL port on a very large corpus of Dutch books known as EDBO, digitized by the Dutch National Library. The results show that TICCL scales to the largest corpus sizes and performs excellently raising the quality of the Gold Standard EDBO book by about 20% to 95% word accuracy. Simultaneous unsupervised post-correction of 10,000 digitized books is now a real option.
Topics LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues, Optical Character Recognition
Full paper Synergy of Nederlab and @PhilosTEI: Diachronic and Multilingual Text-induced Corpus Clean-up
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