Summary of the paper

Title Bilingual dictionaries for all EU languages
Authors Ahmet Aker, Monica Paramita, Marcis Pinnis and Robert Gaizauskas
Abstract Bilingual dictionaries can be automatically generated using the GIZA++ tool. However, these dictionaries contain a lot of noise, because of which the quality of outputs of tools relying on the dictionaries are negatively affected. In this work we present three different methods for cleaning noise from automatically generated bilingual dictionaries: LLR, pivot and translation based approach. We have applied these approaches on the GIZA++ dictionaries -- dictionaries covering official EU languages -- in order to remove noise. Our evaluation showed that all methods help to reduce noise. However, the best performance is achieved using the transliteration based approach. We provide all bilingual dictionaries (the original GIZA++ dictionaries and the cleaned ones) free for download. We also provide the cleaning tools and scripts for free download.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Acquisition
Full paper Bilingual dictionaries for all EU languages
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