Summary of the paper

Title Classifying Inconsistencies in DBpedia Language Specific Chapters
Authors Elena Cabrio, Serena Villata and Fabien Gandon
Abstract This paper proposes a methodology to identify and classify the semantic relations holding among the possible different answers obtained for a certain query on DBpedia language specific chapters. The goal is to reconcile information provided by language specific DBpedia chapters to obtain a consistent results set. Starting from the identified semantic relations between two pieces of information, we further classify them as positive or negative, and we exploit bipolar abstract argumentation to represent the result set as a unique graph, where using argumentation semantics we are able to detect the (possible multiple) consistent sets of elements of the query result. We experimented with the proposed methodology over a sample of triples extracted from 10 DBpedia ontology properties. We define the LingRel ontology to represent how the extracted information from different chapters is related to each other, and we map the properties of the LingRel ontology to the properties of the SIOC-Argumentation ontology to built argumentation graphs. The result is a pilot resource that can be profitably used both to train and to evaluate NLP applications querying linked data in detecting the semantic relations among the extracted values, in order to output consistent information sets.
Topics Semantics, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.)
Full paper Classifying Inconsistencies in DBpedia Language Specific Chapters
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