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Title CORILGA: a Galician Multilevel Annotated Speech Corpus for Linguistic Analysis
Authors Carmen Garcia-Mateo, Antonio Cardenal, Xose Luis Regueira, Elisa Fernández Rei, Marta Martinez, Roberto Seara, Rocío Varela and Noemí Basanta
Abstract This paper describes the CORILGA (“Corpus Oral Informatizado da Lingua Galega”). CORILGA is a large high-quality corpus of spoken Galician from the 1960s up to present-day, including both formal and informal spoken language from both standard and non-standard varieties, and across different generations and social levels. The corpus will be available to the research community upon completion. Galician is one of the EU languages that needs further research before highly effective language technology solutions can be implemented. A software repository for speech resources in Galician is also described. The repository includes a structured database, a graphical interface and processing tools. The use of a database enables to perform search in a simple and fast way based in a number of different criteria. The web-based user interface facilitates users the access to the different materials. Last but not least a set of transcription-based modules for automatic speech recognition has been developed, thus facilitating the orthographic labelling of the recordings.
Topics Speech Resource/Database, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.)
Full paper CORILGA: a Galician Multilevel Annotated Speech Corpus for Linguistic Analysis
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