Summary of the paper

Title How to Construct a Multi-Lingual Domain Ontology
Authors Nitsan Chrizman and Alon Itai
Abstract The research focuses on automatic construction of multi-lingual domain-ontologies, i.e., creating a DAG (directed acyclic graph) consisting of concepts relating to a specific domain and the relations between them. The domain example on which the research performed is ``Organized Crime''. The contribution of the work is the investigation of and comparison between several data sources and methods to create multi-lingual ontologies. The first subtask was to extract the domain's concepts. The best source turned out to be Wikepedia’s articles that are under the catgegory. The second task was to create an English ontology, i.e., the relationships between the concepts. Again the relationships between concepts and the hierarchy were derived from Wikipedia. The final task was to create an ontology for a language with far fewer resources (Hebrew). The task was accomplished by deriving the concepts from the Hebrew Wikepedia and assessing their relevance and the relationships between them from the English ontology.
Topics Multilinguality
Full paper How to Construct a Multi-Lingual Domain Ontology
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