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Title Coreference Resolution for Latvian
Authors Arturs Znotins and Peteris Paikens
Abstract Coreference resolution (CR) is a current problem in natural language processing (NLP) research and it is a key task in applications such as question answering, text summarization and information extraction for which text understanding is of crucial importance. We describe an implementation of coreference resolution tools for Latvian language, developed as a part of a tool chain for newswire text analysis but usable also as a separate, publicly available module. LVCoref is a rule based CR system that uses entity centric model that encourages the sharing of information across all mentions that point to the same real-world entity. The system is developed to provide starting ground for further experiments and generate a reference baseline to be compared with more advanced rule-based and machine learning based future coreference resolvers. It now reaches 66.6 F-score using predicted mentions and 78.1% F-score using gold mentions. This paper describes current efforts to create a CR system and to improve NER performance for Latvian. Task also includes creation of the corpus of manually annotated coreference relations.
Topics Named Entity Recognition, Text Mining
Full paper Coreference Resolution for Latvian
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