Summary of the paper

Title From Synsets to Videos: Enriching ItalWordNet Multimodally
Authors Roberto Bartolini, Valeria Quochi, Irene De Felice, Irene Russo and Monica Monachini
Abstract The paper describes the multimodal enrichment of ItalWordNet action verbs’ entries by means of an automatic mapping with an ontology of action types instantiated by video scenes (ImagAct). The two resources present important differences as well as interesting complementary features, such that a mapping of these two resources can lead to a an enrichment of IWN, through the connection between synsets and videos apt to illustrate the meaning described by glosses. Here, we describe an approach inspired by ontology matching methods for the automatic mapping of ImagAct video scened onto ItalWordNet sense. The experiments described in the paper are conducted on Italian, but the same methodology can be extended to other languages for which WordNets have been created, since ImagAct is done also for English, Chinese and Spanish. This source of multimodal information can be exploited to design second language learning tools, as well as for language grounding in video action recognition and potentially for robotics.
Topics Ontologies, Semantics
Full paper From Synsets to Videos: Enriching ItalWordNet Multimodally
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