Summary of the paper

Title The Hungarian Gigaword Corpus
Authors Csaba Oravecz, Tamás Váradi and Bálint Sass
Abstract The paper reports on the development of the Hungarian Gigaword Corpus (HGC), an extended new edition of the Hungarian National Corpus, with upgraded and redesigned linguistic annotation and an increased size of 1.5 billion tokens. Issues concerning the standard steps of corpus collection and preparation are discussed with special emphasis on linguistic analysis and annotation due to Hungarian having some challenging characteristics with respect to computational processing. As the HGC is designed to serve as a resource for a wide range of linguistic research as well as for the interested public, a number of issues had to be resolved which were raised by trying to find a balance between the above two application areas. The following main objectives have been defined for the development of the HGC, focusing on the pivotal concept of increase in: - size: extending the corpus to minimum 1 billion words, - quality: using new technology for development and analysis, - coverage and representativity: taking new samples of language use and including further variants (transcribed spoken language data and user generated content (social media) from the internet in particular).
Topics LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Morphology
Full paper The Hungarian Gigaword Corpus
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