Summary of the paper

Title Semi-Compositional Method for Synonym Extraction of Multi-Word Terms
Authors Béatrice Daille and Amir Hazem
Abstract Automatic synonyms and semantically related word extraction is a challenging task, useful in many NLP applications such as question answering, search query expansion, text summarization, etc. While different studies addressed the task of word synonym extraction, only a few investigations tackled the problem of acquiring synonyms of multi-word terms (MWT) from specialized corpora. To extract pairs of synonyms of multi-word terms, we propose in this paper an unsupervised semi-compositional method that makes use of distributional semantics and exploit the compositional property shared by most MWT. We show that our method outperforms significantly the state-of-the-art.
Topics Semantics
Full paper Semi-Compositional Method for Synonym Extraction of Multi-Word Terms
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