Summary of the paper

Title Mapping CPA Patterns onto OntoNotes Senses
Authors Octavian Popescu, Martha Palmer and Patrick Hanks
Abstract In this paper we present an alignment experiment between patterns of verb use discovered by Corpus Pattern Analysis (CPA; Hanks 2004, 2008, 2012) and verb senses in OntoNotes (ON; Hovy et al. 2006, Weischedel et al. 2011). We present a probabilistic approach for mapping one resource into the other. Firstly we introduce a basic model, based on conditional probabilities, which determines for any given sentence the best CPA pattern match. On the basis of this model, we propose a joint source channel model (JSCM) that computes the probability of compatibility of semantic types between a verb phrase and a pattern, irrespective of whether the verb phrase is a norm or an exploitation. We evaluate the accuracy of the proposed mapping using cluster similarity metrics based on entropy.
Topics Collaborative Resource Construction, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper Mapping CPA Patterns onto OntoNotes Senses
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