Summary of the paper

Title Developing Politeness Annotated Corpus of Hindi Blogs
Authors Ritesh Kumar
Abstract In this paper I discuss the creation and annotation of a corpus of Hindi blogs. The corpus consists of a total of over 479,000 blog posts and blog comments. It is annotated with the information about the politeness level of each blog post and blog comment. The annotation is carried out using four levels of politeness ― neutral, appropriate, polite and impolite. For the annotation, three classifiers ― were trained and tested maximum entropy (MaxEnt), Support Vector Machines (SVM) and C4.5 - using around 30,000 manually annotated texts. Among these, C4.5 gave the best accuracy. It achieved an accuracy of around 78% which is within 2% of the human accuracy during annotation. Consequently this classifier is used to annotate the rest of the corpus
Topics Document Classification, Text categorisation, Discourse Annotation, Representation and Processing
Full paper Developing Politeness Annotated Corpus of Hindi Blogs
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