Summary of the paper

Title Predicate Matrix: extending SemLink through WordNet mappings
Authors Maddalen Lopez De Lacalle, Egoitz Laparra and German Rigau
Abstract This paper presents the Predicate Matrix v1.1, a new lexical resource resulting from the integration of multiple sources of predicate information including FrameNet, VerbNet, PropBank and WordNet. We start from the basis of SemLink. Then, we use advanced graph-based algorithms to further extend the mapping coverage of SemLink. Second, we also exploit the current content of SemLink to infer new role mappings among the different predicate schemas. As a result, we have obtained a new version of the Predicate Matrix which largely extends the current coverage of SemLink and the previous version of the Predicate Matrix.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper Predicate Matrix: extending SemLink through WordNet mappings
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