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Title Extensions of the Sign Language Recognition and Translation Corpus RWTH-PHOENIX-Weather
Authors Jens Forster, Christoph Schmidt, Oscar Koller, Martin Bellgardt and Hermann Ney
Abstract This paper introduces the RWTH-PHOENIX-Weather 2014, a video-based, large vocabulary, German sign language corpus which has been extended over the last two years, tripling the size of the original corpus. The corpus contains weather forecasts simultaneously interpreted into sign language which were recorded from German public TV and manually annotated using glosses on the sentence level and semi-automatically transcribed spoken German extracted from the videos using the open-source speech recognition system RASR. Spatial annotations of the signers' hands as well as shape and orientation annotations of the dominant hand have been added for more than 40k respectively 10k video frames creating one of the largest corpora allowing for quantitative evaluation of object tracking algorithms. Further, over 2k signs have been annotated using the SignWriting annotation system, focusing on the shape, orientation, movement as well as spatial contacts of both hands. Finally, extended recognition and translation setups are defined, and baseline results are presented.
Topics Sign Language Recognition/Generation, Speech Resource/Database
Full paper Extensions of the Sign Language Recognition and Translation Corpus RWTH-PHOENIX-Weather
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