Summary of the paper

Title GLÀFF, a Large Versatile French Lexicon
Authors Nabil Hathout, Franck Sajous and Basilio Calderone
Abstract This paper introduces GLAFF, a large-scale versatile French lexicon extracted from Wiktionary, the collaborative online dictionary. GLAFF contains, for each entry, inflectional features and phonemic transcriptions. It distinguishes itself from the other available French lexicons by its size, its potential for constant updating and its copylefted license. We explain how we have built GLAFF and compare it to other known resources in terms of coverage and quality of the phonemic transcriptions. We show that its size and quality are strong assets that could allow GLAFF to become a reference lexicon for French NLP and linguistics. Moreover, other derived lexicons can easily be based on GLAFF to satisfy specific needs of various fields such as psycholinguistics.
Topics Phonetic Databases, Phonology, Morphology
Full paper GLÀFF, a Large Versatile French Lexicon
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