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Title "Enriching the ""Senso Comune"" Platform with Automatically Acquired Data"
Authors Tommaso Caselli, Laure Vieu, Carlo Strapparava and Guido Vetere
Abstract This paper reports on research activities on automatic methods for the enrichment of the Senso Comune platform. At this stage of development, we will report on two tasks, namely word sense alignment with MultiWordNet and automatic acquisition of Verb Shallow Frames from sense annotated data in the MultiSemCor corpus. The results obtained are satisfying. We achieved a final F-measure of 0.64 for noun sense alignment and a F-measure of 0.47 for verb sense alignment, and an accuracy of 68\% on the acquisition of Verb Shallow Frames.
Topics Acquisition, LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues
Full paper "Enriching the ""Senso Comune"" Platform with Automatically Acquired Data"
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