Summary of the paper

Title A Cascade Approach for Complex-type Classification
Authors Lauren Romeo, Sara Mendes and Núria Bel
Abstract The work detailed in this paper describes a 2-step cascade approach for the classification of complex-type nominals. We describe an experiment that demonstrates how a cascade approach performs when the task consists in distinguishing nominals from a given complex-type from any other noun in the language. Overall, our classifier successfully identifies very specific and not highly frequent lexical items such as complex-types with high accuracy, and distinguishes them from those instances that are not complex types by using lexico-syntactic patterns indicative of the semantic classes corresponding to each of the individual sense components of the complex type. Although there is still room for improvement with regard to the coverage of the classifiers developed, the cascade approach increases the precision of classification of the complex-type nouns that are covered in the experiment presented.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper A Cascade Approach for Complex-type Classification
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