Summary of the paper

Title A Tagged Corpus and a Tagger for Urdu
Authors Bushra Jawaid, Amir Kamran and Ondrej Bojar
Abstract In this paper, we describe a release of a sizeable monolingual Urdu corpus automatically tagged with part-of-speech tags. We extend the work of Jawaid and Bojar (2012) who use three different taggers and then apply a voting scheme to disambiguate among the different choices suggested by each tagger. We run this complex ensemble on a large monolingual corpus and release the tagged corpus. Additionally, we use this data to train a single standalone tagger which will hopefully significantly simplify Urdu processing. The standalone tagger obtains the accuracy of 88.74% on test data.
Topics Part-of-Speech Tagging
Full paper A Tagged Corpus and a Tagger for Urdu
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