Summary of the paper

Title AusTalk: an Audio-Visual Corpus of Australian English
Authors Dominique Estival, Steve Cassidy, Felicity Cox and Denis Burnham
Abstract This paper describes the AusTalk corpus, which was designed and created through the Big ASC, a collaborative project with the two main goals of providing a standardised infrastructure for audio-visual recordings in Australia and of producing a large audio-visual corpus of Australian English, with 3 hours of AV recordings for 1000 speakers. We first present the overall project, then describe the corpus itself and its components, the strict data collection protocol with high levels of standardisation and automation, and the processes put in place for quality control. We also discuss the annotation phase of the project, along with its goals and challenges; a major contribution of the project has been to explore procedures for automating annotations and we present our solutions. We conclude with the current status of the corpus and with some examples of research already conducted with this new resource. AusTalk is one of the corpora included in the HCS vLab, which is briefly sketched in the conclusion.
Topics Speech Resource/Database, LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues
Full paper AusTalk: an Audio-Visual Corpus of Australian English
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