Summary of the paper

Title Harmonization of German Lexical Resources for Opinion Mining
Authors Thierry Declerck and Hans-Ulrich Krieger
Abstract We present on-going work on the harmonization of existing German lexical resources in the field of opinion and sentiment mining. The input of our harmonization effort consisted in four distinct lexicons of German word forms, encoded either as lemmas or as full forms, marked up with polarity features, at distinct granularity levels. We describe how the lexical resources have been mapped onto each other, generating a unique list of entries, with unified Part-of-Speech information and basic polarity features. Future work will be dedicated to the comparison of the harmonized lexicon with German corpora annotated with polarity information. We are further aiming at both linking the harmonized German lexical resources with similar resources in other languages and publishing the resulting set of lexical data in the context of the Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud.
Topics Linked Data, Opinion Mining / Sentiment Analysis
Full paper Harmonization of German Lexical Resources for Opinion Mining
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