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Title Identifying Idioms in Chinese Translations
Authors Wan Yu Ho, Christine Kng, Shan Wang and Francis Bond
Abstract Optimally, a translated text should preserve information while maintaining the writing style of the original. When this is not possible, as is often the case with figurative speech, a common practice is to simplify and make explicit the implications. However, in our investigations of translations from English to another language, English-to-Chinese texts were often found to include idiomatic expressions (usually in the form of Chengyu 成语) where there were originally no idiomatic, metaphorical, or even figurative expressions. We have created an initial small lexicon of Chengyu, with which we can use to find all occurrences of Chengyu in a given corpus, and will continue to expand the database. By examining the rates and patterns of occurrence across four genres in the NTU Multilingual Corpus, a resource may be created to aid machine translation or, going further, predict Chinese translational trends in any given genre.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, MultiWord Expressions & Collocations
Full paper Identifying Idioms in Chinese Translations
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