Summary of the paper

Title CLARIN-NL: Major Results
Authors Jan Odijk
Abstract In this paper I provide a high level overview of the major results of CLARIN-NL so far. I will show that CLARIN-NL is starting to provide the data, facilities and services in the CLARIN infrastructure to carry out humanities research supported by large amounts of data and tools. These services have easy interfaces and easy search options (no technical background needed). Still some training is required, to understand both the possibilities and the limitations of the data and the tools. Actual use of the facilities leads to suggestions for improvements and to suggestions for new functionality. All researchers are therefore invited to start using the elements in the CLARIN infrastructure offered by CLARIN-NL. Though I will show that a lot has been achieved in the CLARIN-NL project, I will also provide a long list of functionality and interoperability cases that have not been dealt with in CLARIN-NL and must remain for future work.
Topics LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper CLARIN-NL: Major Results
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