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Title Resources for the Detection of Conventionalized Metaphors in Four Languages
Authors Lori Levin, Teruko Mitamura, Brian Macwhinney, Davida Fromm, Jaime Carbonell, Weston Feely, Robert Frederking, Anatole Gershman and Carlos Ramirez
Abstract "This paper describes a suite of tools for extracting conventionalized metaphors in English, Spanish, Farsi, and Russian. The method depends on three significant resources for each language: a corpus of conventionalized metaphors, a table of conventionalized conceptual metaphors (CCM table), and a set of extraction rules. Conventionalized metaphors are things like ""escape from poverty"" and ""burden of taxation"". For each metaphor, the CCM table contains the metaphorical source domain word (such as ""escape"") the target domain word (such as ""poverty"") and the grammatical construction in which they can be found. The extraction rules operate on the output of a dependency parser and identify the grammatical configurations (such as a verb with a prepositional phrase complement) that are likely to contain conventional metaphors. We present results on detection rates for conventional metaphors and analysis of the similarity and differences of source domains for conventional metaphors in the four languages."
Topics Semantics, Other
Full paper Resources for the Detection of Conventionalized Metaphors in Four Languages
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