Summary of the paper

Title The Procedure of Lexico-Semantic Annotation of Składnica Treebank
Authors Elżbieta Hajnicz
Abstract In this paper, the procedure of lexico-semantic annotation of Składnica Treebank using Polish WordNet is presented. Other semantically annotated corpora, in particular treebanks, are outlined first. Resources involved in annotation as well as a tool called Semantikon used for it are described. The main part of the paper is the analysis of the applied procedure. It consists of the basic and correction phases. During basic phase all nouns, verbs and adjectives are annotated with wordnet senses. The annotation is performed independently by two linguists. During the correction phase, conflicts are resolved by the linguist supervising the process. Multi-word units obtain special tags, synonyms and hypernyms are used for senses absent in Polish WordNet. Additionally, each sentence receives its general assessment. Finally, some statistics of the results of annotation are given, including inter-annotator agreement. The final resource is represented in XML files preserving the structure of Składnica.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper The Procedure of Lexico-Semantic Annotation of Składnica Treebank
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