Summary of the paper

Title S-pot - a Benchmark in Spotting Signs Within Continuous Signing
Authors Ville Viitaniemi, Tommi Jantunen, Leena Savolainen, Matti Karppa and Jorma Laaksonen
Abstract In this paper we present S-pot, a benchmark setting for evaluating the performance of automatic spotting of signs in continuous sign language videos. The benchmark includes 5539 video files of Finnish Sign Language, ground truth sign spotting results, a tool for assessing the spottings against the ground truth, and a repository for storing information on the results. In addition we will make our sign detection system and results made with it publicly available as a baseline for comparison and further developments.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Evaluation Methodologies
Full paper S-pot - a Benchmark in Spotting Signs Within Continuous Signing
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