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Title NewsReader: Recording History from Daily News Streams
Authors Piek Vossen, German Rigau, Luciano Serafini, Pim Stouten, Francis Irving and Willem Van Hage
Abstract The European project NewsReader develops technology to process daily news streams in 4 languages, extracting what happened, when, where and who was involved. NewsReader does not just read a single newspaper but massive amounts of news coming from thousands of sources. It compares the results across sources to complement information and determine where they disagree. Furthermore, it merges news of today with previous news, creating a long-term history rather than separate events. The result is stored in a KnowledgeStore, that cumulates information over time, producing an extremely large knowledge graph that is visualized using new techniques to provide more comprehensive access. We present the first version of the system and the results of processing first batches of data.
Topics Semantic Web, Topic Detection & Tracking
Full paper NewsReader: Recording History from Daily News Streams
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