Summary of the paper

Title Bootstrapping Term Extractors for Multiple Languages
Authors Ahmet Aker, Monica Paramita, Emma Barker and Robert Gaizauskas
Abstract Terminology extraction resources are needed for a wide range of human language technology applications, including knowledge management, information extraction, semantic search, cross-language information retrieval and automatic and assisted translation. We create a low cost method for creating terminology extraction resources for 21 non-English EU languages. Using parallel corpora and a projection method, we create a General POS Tagger for these languages. We also investigate the use of EuroVoc terms and Wikipedia corpus to automatically create term grammar for each language. Our results show that these automatically generated resources can assist term extraction process with similar performance to manually generated resources. All resources resulted in this experiment are freely available for download.
Topics Multilinguality, Part-of-Speech Tagging
Full paper Bootstrapping Term Extractors for Multiple Languages
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