Summary of the paper

Title "Three Dimensions of the so-called ""Interoperability"" of Annotation Schemes"
Authors Eva Hajičová
Abstract “Interoperability” of annotation schemes is one of the key words in the discussions about annotation of corpora. In the present contribution, we propose to look at the so-called interoperability from (at least) three angles, namely (i) as a relation (and possible interaction or cooperation) of different annotation schemes for different layers or phenomena of a single language, (ii) the possibility to annotate different languages by a single (modified or not) annotation scheme, and (iii) the relation between different annotation schemes for a single language, or for a single phenomenon or layer of the same language. The pros and cons of each of these aspects are discussed as well as their contribution to linguistic studies and natural language processing. It is stressed that a communication and collaboration between different annotation schemes requires an explicit specification and consistency of each of the schemes.
Topics LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Metadata
Full paper "Three Dimensions of the so-called ""Interoperability"" of Annotation Schemes"
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