Summary of the paper

Title Named Entity Recognition on Turkish Tweets
Authors Dilek Kucuk, Guillaume Jacquet and Ralf Steinberger
Abstract Various recent studies show that the performance of named entity recognition (NER) systems developed for well-formed text types drops significantly when applied to tweets. The only existing study for the highly inflected agglutinative language Turkish reports a drop in F-Measure from 91% to 19% when ported from news articles to tweets. In this study, we present a new named entity-annotated tweet corpus and a detailed analysis of the various tweet-specific linguistic phenomena. We perform comparative NER experiments with a rule-based multilingual NER system adapted to Turkish on three corpora: a news corpus, our new tweet corpus, and another tweet corpus. Based on the analysis and the experimentation results, we suggest system features required to improve NER results for social media like Twitter.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Social Media Processing
Full paper Named Entity Recognition on Turkish Tweets
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