Summary of the paper

Title Multimodal Dialogue Segmentation with Gesture Post-Processing
Authors Kodai Takahashi and Masashi Inoue
Abstract We investigate an automatic dialogue segmentation method using both verbal and non-verbal modalities. Dialogue contents are used for the initial segmentation of dialogue; then, gesture occurrences are used to remove the incorrect segment boundaries. A unique characteristic of our method is to use verbal and non-verbal information separately. We use a three-party dialogue that is rich in gesture as data. The transcription of the dialogue is segmented into topics without prior training by using the TextTiling and U00 algorithm. Some candidates for segment boundaries - where the topic continues - are irrelevant. Those boundaries can be found and removed by locating gestures that stretch over the boundary candidates. This ltering improves the segmentation accuracy of text-only segmentation.
Topics Discourse Annotation, Representation and Processing, Multimedia Document Processing
Full paper Multimodal Dialogue Segmentation with Gesture Post-Processing
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