Summary of the paper

Title Emilya: Emotional Body Expression in Daily Actions Database
Authors Nesrine Fourati and Catherine Pelachaud
Abstract The studies of bodily expression of emotion have been so far mostly focused on body movement patterns associated with emotional expression. Recently, there is an increasing interest on the expression of emotion in daily actions, called also non-emblematic movements (such as walking or knocking at the door). Previous studies were based on database limited to a small range of movement tasks or emotional states. In this paper, we describe our new database of emotional body expression in daily actions, where 11 actors express 8 emotions in 7 actions. We use motion capture technology to record body movements, but we recorded as well synchronized audio-visual data to enlarge the use of the database for different research purposes. We investigate also the matching between the expressed emotions and the perceived ones through a perceptive study. The first results of this study are discussed in this paper.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Emotion Recognition/Generation
Full paper Emilya: Emotional Body Expression in Daily Actions Database
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