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Title The eIdentity Text ExplorationWorkbench
Authors Fritz Kliche, andre Blessing, Dr. Ulrich Heid and Jonathan Sonntag
Abstract "We work on tools to explore text contents and metadata of newspaper articles as provided by news archives. Our tool components are being integrated into an ""Exploration Workbench"" for Digital Humanities researchers. Next to the conversion of different data formats and character encodings, a prominent feature of our design is its ""Wizard"" function for corpus building: Researchers import raw data and define patterns to extract text contents and metadata. The Workbench also comprises different tools for data cleaning. These include filtering of off-topic articles, duplicates and near-duplicates, corrupted and empty articles. We currently work on ca. 860.000 newspaper articles from different media archives, provided in different data formats. We index the data with state-of-the-art systems to allow for large scale information retrieval. We extract metadata on publishing dates, author names, newspaper sections, etc., and split articles into segments such as headlines, subtitles, paragraphs, etc. After cleaning the data and compiling a thematically homogeneous corpus, the sample can be used for quantitative analyses which are not affected by noise. Users can retrieve sets of articles on different topics, issues or otherwise defined research questions (""subcorpora"") and investigate quantitatively their media attention on the timeline (""Issue Cycles"")."
Topics Metadata, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper The eIdentity Text ExplorationWorkbench
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