Summary of the paper

Title Turkish Resources for Visual Word Recognition
Authors Begum Erten, Cem Bozsahin and Deniz Zeyrek
Abstract We report two tools to conduct psycholinguistic experiments on Turkish words. KelimetriK allows experimenters to choose words based on desired orthographic scores of word frequency, bigram and trigram frequency, ON, OLD20, ATL and subset/superset similarity. Turkish version of Wuggy generates pseudowords from one or more template words using an efficient method. The syllabified version of the words are used as the input, which are decomposed into their sub-syllabic components. The bigram frequency chains are constructed by the entire words' onset, nucleus and coda patterns. Lexical statistics of stems and their syllabification are compiled by us from BOUN corpus of 490 million words. Use of these tools in some experiments is shown.
Topics Cognitive Methods, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Turkish Resources for Visual Word Recognition
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