Summary of the paper

Title The Research and Teaching Corpus of Spoken German ― FOLK
Authors Thomas Schmidt
Abstract "FOLK is the ""Forschungs- und Lehrkorpus Gesprochenes Deutsch (FOLK)"" (eng.: research and teaching corpus of spoken German). The project has set itself the aim of building a corpus of German conversations which a) covers a broad range of interaction types in private, institutional and public settings, b) is sufficiently large and diverse and of sufficient quality to support different qualitative and quantitative research approaches, c) is transcribed, annotated and made accessible according to current technological standards, and d) is available to the scientific community on a sound legal basis and without unnecessary restrictions of usage. This paper gives an overview of the corpus design, the strategies for acquisition of a diverse range of interaction data, and the corpus construction workflow from recording via transcription an annotation to dissemination."
Topics Speech Resource/Database, Dialogue
Full paper The Research and Teaching Corpus of Spoken German ― FOLK
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